First Time Mom, The Truth.

Let’s face it, being a first time mom is hard. I won’t pretend like it’s easy and go on and on about how amazing it is because a lot of times it’s downright stressful. Let me explain:

Becoming a mom was the single greatest thing to ever happen to me, “But she just said that she’s always stressed!” Shut up. Let me reiterate, becoming a mom was the single greatest thing to ever happen to me. Chloe is the brightest and sweetest little baby girl I’ve ever known and I’m not saying that because she’s mine. She really is. I’m in awe of how perfect she is. I became whole the day she was born. Life just clicked.

However, this is where it gets complicated. There’s really nothing that you can do or be advised that really prepares you for the rollercoaster that is being a first time mom. If you were fortunate enough (and I say that in the most sarcastic tone ever) to receive a last-minute emergency cesarean like I was then you understand how excruciating it is the first few days after birth. You want to shower, move around, hold and bond with your baby yet it all seems impossible. After the first three weeks things get “normal” and then your baby is two months. She’s awake all of the time, her dirty diapers now smell like death, and she has random fits because she wants to be held, which turn to giggles after she’s picked up, all while you’re trying to accomplish things. THAT’S where it’s stressful!

It’s like you’re back to the first few days of motherhood. Each stage your baby goes through is both her and your first and there’s just no handbook. Friends and family will tell you what to expect but it’s not the same as actually going through it. Being a mom is just hard. It takes so much patience. You have to relinquish control for a while because you’re just not going to get much sleep or get much done. 

It’s a struggle. My baby is two months now and I still have to decide between showering or eating, cleaning or hearing her cry, taking a nap or folding laundry. 

My advice? If things get done good, if not then there’s always tomorrow. Time goes by so fast when they’re small and yes, you’ll hear that all the time but it’s never more true until you are going through it. I’ve had to learn to take it a day at a time and that once you become a mom, things change for a while. It will never not be hard but it is ALWAYS rewarding and THAT is the truth. 


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  1. Chelsy

    Yesss love! Well said, it is very difficult as a first time mom but as the days, months go by, you start realizing what works for you and your child. Love this!!


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