Traveling With Baby (How I Got Through It)

This past month, both Chloe and me took a trip to visit my hometown of Philadelphia. From the LAX airport to PHL there was a total of 5 hours and 20-something minutes and I had to admit that it was a learning curve.

One thing that I will advise all moms traveling with infants is to either travel with your partner or to travel super light (and when I mean light, I mean one bag to hold both yours and the baby’s things and a carrier.

Unfortunately, I went through security with her baby bag, my purse, which held my macbook, and her two piece stroller. When it was time to place our belongings on the belt where TSA scans the items someone had to help me.

It’s very hard to break down a stroller with a 3-month-old in your arms and had I not had help, I probably would have caused a major back-up because the TSA agents where definitely not going to help me.

I will say that Chloe was amazing on both flights and although she’s normally a great baby, I think that there were a few things that I did that really helped make everything go smoother:

  1. I fed her an hour prior to going through security and as soon a we sat on the plane. She was full, she was happy and she went to sleep on a full tummy. I also fed her two hours into the flight because the lack of humidity in the cabin can dehydrate you and with her being so small, I definitely wanted to be extra careful.
  2. I also brought along comfort blanket. Chloe sleeps best when she falls asleep with it close to her face and it kept her warm during the flight. Those who have flown before know how chilly it can get on board, especially on a long flight.
  3. Cross word puzzles! I bought a booklet shortly before the flight boarded and it saved me from boredom. My flight had no wi-fi and because she was is small I carried her all flight, which gave me little to no room to move around.
  4. Isle seat! Isle seat! Isle seat! For the most obvious reasons… no one wants to scoot across those tiny spaces especially with a baby. My first flight was at night and my “neighbors” were asleep half an hour into the flight. I felt like such an a**hole waking up the cute elderly ladies but I do not let my baby girl sit in a wed/dirty nappy.
  5. I do recommend bringing a couple of bottles on board and placing them under your seat if you formula feed. I struggled on the first flight a bit when I accidentally woke her up and she was so NOT happy.
  6. Lastly, take advantage of pre-boarding. As someone who’s always worked at airports since I came into the workforce, I always judged the moms who ran to the gate door before I announced it was time to pre-board. I never truly appreciated how convenient it is to moms until it was my turn and it sure felt great to have priority so that I could get myself situated before everyone else came rushing in.

I do plan on traveling more often with Chloe so if any moms have any tips or stories you’d share with me, please do! I love hearing from you ❤     -xoxo

Chloe on her flight home

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