Letter To My Princess

Dear Chloe,

A year ago, seven months, and two days ago I saw a pink checkmark on a home pregnancy test. A year ago, today, I saw you and whispered to your dad: “she has so much hair”. The day I saw a “positive” on that test my life changed, but not in the way it did when I held you, when we spent our first days together at the hospital, when we brought you home, when you first smiled or the many times you’ve fell asleep on my chest. My life has been changing daily as I watch you grow. I have had the blessing of being there to experience all of it. Nothing has prepared me more to take on the world than seeing your face. Seeing how it lights up when you look at me or when you smile. It is why I always pray for you…

Every night, I pray that as you continue to grow, you remain the bubbly and happy child that you are. That you inspire the world with your smile. That you soften this hardened world of ours by being who you are. You are entirely special in every way. You are my child, and yes, that is what parents are supposed to say but I have not met someone who has not been affected by the light you carry in your eyes. You bring happiness to everyone you meet! You are just so bright and so loving and I want you to remain so no matter what. I pray that I can continue to grow and be the kind of mom you’re inspired by. That if you choose to look up to me as your role model, you never doubt yourself but instead thread on and persevere.

I always pray for your safety and wellbeing and that you are always protected of negativity and I know that you will fall or get knocked down at times, but I want you to always get back up with more strength each time. I want you to learn that just because you are on the floor, it doesn’t mean that the fight is over. I want you believe in yourself, in your strength and in your abilities. Many will try to have you question your abilities or tell you that you should give up. Don’t. I have seen miracles happen. YOU, you are a miracle! Believe in yourself princess. Always do what makes your heart feel full. Do the very things that bring you happiness and pursue every goal that you set for yourself without hesitation. Mommy and Daddy will always be here to cheer you on and guide you. Remember that we love you and that because of you, our lives are better, because of you, this world is better.

I love you Chloe! Mommy loves you.


Categories: Motherhood

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