“When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme” -Jiminy Cricket ๐Ÿ€

As a newly single mom (something that I’m not ready to open up about yet) there are so many things that I’m quickly learning. Mainly that anything in this world is possible if you absolutely believe in it and work towards your dream. The past 82 days have been nothing but trying. Emotionally, mentally, physically. However, I’ve kept my wits about me and remained resilient because of my dream, my purpose and guess what? The universe is working in my favor and doors continue to open for me.

While there are many things I am working towards, my ultimate goal in life is to add value to the lives of other’s. In particular, women, mothers, and children. There are not many resources that are catered to these groups and the funded programs are so exclusive that a majority of the women and children to require the “guidance” feel unimportant, unseen and unheard. Most, like myself, have at some point felt like they have nowhere to turn to; hopeless. It’s time to change that. I am going to change that. With that being said, I’ve finally returned to my blog to state that I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m not finished my mission and that my mission has no ending. Some may find it silly, some may count me out, but when you believe in your dream with your whole being and are willing to put your all into it, well, miracles happen.



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